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Breaking News (5/25/2011):

I got married on 7 May 2011!! I’ve posted some pictures on the wedding site if you want to see, and hopefully I’ be posting video of our first dance soon. www.tobemarried.com.

Breaking News (4/22/2011):

I'm getting married in two weeks! If you'd like to see info on the wedding just visit my wedding website at www.tobemarried.com.

New Addition (9/02/2010):

My take on Jack Vettriano's Singing Butler.

New Addition (9/02/2010):

New Addition (9/02/2010):

Painting of Dolphins seen during our whale watching trip in the Channel Islands.

Breaking News (5/06/2010):

My Girlfriend and I are running in the Disneyland Half Marathon to help raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I'm running in Memory of my Uncle, Bill Deputy, who lost his battle with Leukemia in 2008. If you would like to support us please follow the link below. Thanks!!

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New Addition (11/17/2009):

Painting Finished in November 2009

New Addition (11/17/2009):

Painting of my grandparents Finished in July 2009

New Addition (11/17/2009):

Painting Finished in February 2009

New Addition (8/10/2009):

Here are some pictures from the pool portion of my maritime survival training course at the USMMA pool.

New Addition (8/6/2009):

Here are some pictures from my shipboard Firefighting refresher training course today at the Bethpage Fire Academy in NY.

New Addition (7/1/2009):

I have posted pictures from the Wedding of my friends Elisabeth and Rajeev. The wedding was in Charlotte, NC and it was a really great time. I wish them the best in their future together.

Breaking News (4/17/2009):

I've recently signed up to run in the National AIDS Marathon Disneyland Half Marathon. If you'd like to help support me by making donations please go to http://apla.convio.net/goto/timdeputy There you will find info about me, a link to donate and a blog which I will try to update with info about my training progress. Thanks for your help!!

New Additions (4/17/2009):

Here is a painting I completed a few months ago. It's Bob Sanders of the Indianapolis Colts after they won the supoer bowl.

New Additions (3/18/2008):

I recently completed a tribute to my friends. Here's a link to the streaming version. If you want to see a higher resolution version you can Download the target of this link. I miss everybody very much. Also, here is a pamphlet about what to expect during the homecoming process. It has got very good info for the people at home and the people returning.

New Additions (2/16/2008):

I just got back from 4 days of R&R in Qatar. It was very relaxing and a lot of fun. I posted some pictures in the photo album if you would like to see them.

New Additions (1/21/2008):

Here I am talking to Scarlett Johansson. She was really nice and very pretty. There are more pictures with me and her in the photo album.

New Additions (1/21/2008):

Here is a link to a video of the part of Robin Williams show where colors happened and we all turned our backs to salute the flag. It's very funny and moving at the same time. I have a great deal of respect for him because he immediately became quiet and waited till it was over. If you want to save a copy use this link.

New Additions (12/21/2007):

Here is a group photo of me with Robin Williams, Lewis Black, Kid Rock, Lance Armstrong and Miss America.  I'm in the back row third from the right. Click image for a larger picture.

New Additions (12/20/2007):

Here I am with my friend Adam and 4 Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. I've also posted some pictures from a USO show with Robin Williams, Lewis Black, Kid Rock, Lance Armstrong and Miss USA. There's a link in the photo album and in the TANGO Section.

New Additions (11/24/2007):

I have finally gotten pictures up. You can see them by going to the photo album and there are some links on the Navy Customs Battalion Tango Section. Thanks for visiting!!

Breaking News (10/01/2007):

I have arrived at Camp Patriot in Kuwait. I'm still trying to adjust to the time change and figure out where everything is. I'm having trouble getting pictures onto this website from here, so if you want to see pics you'll have to look at my myspace page. I'm trying to get them up here, but it may take me some time.

New Addition (8/28/2007):

Here is some video, unfortunately not of me but of my friend Rob. Today we shot at the 9MM popup range. It was a lot of fun!! Click here to play video

New Addition (7/14/2007):

I have added a section about my deployment with Navy Customs Battalion Tango. It is not fully populated yet, but I hope to have some info up by Monday. Thanks for visiting!!

New Addition (6/15/2007):

My latest painting is now available. Visit the Paintings area to see all my stuff.

Breaking News (19 May 2007):

Here is a link my sister asked me to put up. It's my niece Abigail's dance recital. She's really good and apparently made very few mistakes. She's the second girl in the line as they march out. Enjoy!! Click here to play video

Breaking News (19 May 2007):

Some more details about my deployment. I will be leaving CA in July. Then I will be going to Virgina for training, and after training is finished I'll be heading for the middle east.

Breaking News (28 April 2007):

Some of you reading this may already be aware, but I wanted to make sure everyone knows that I am being mobilized by the Navy. I will be a member of Navy Customs Battalion Tango which will be deploying to the Middle East Sometime in July or early August. The deployment will be for 9 to 12 months, and we will be going to either Iraq or Kuwait (not sure which yet).

Customs Battalions are part of the Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NELSG) which is part of the new Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC). The NECC website is http://www.necc.navy.mil/ if you would like more information. I'll post any information that I can on this website to keep everyone informed, and you can also watch the blog on my MySpace page for info.

Here are some links to videos about customs battalions:

Video 1      Video 2      Video 3      Video 4

Changed (19 April 2007):

I have chaged the Guestbook Page because I was missing too many messages from people.  If you previously left feedback and I ignored you please try again.

New Addition (12 April 2007):

Well, I finished the third of the previous set, but they are hanging in the front window of the studio, so When they are finished in the place of honor I'll scan the last one and post it here. For now though I've finished my latest one. Visit the Paintings area to see all my stuff.

New Addition (30 December 2006):

I have completed two paintings in a series of three. Go to the Paintings area to see them. I should be finished with the third one in a couple of weeks so come back soon to see that one. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


New Addition (18 June 2006):

I have completed a painting of a Pier in Nags Head, NC. Go to the Paintings area to see it.

New Addition (15 March 2006):

Here is my latest painting. It's my niece Eleanor. Go to the Paintings area to see it.

New Addition (29 December 2005):

I have recently completed a painting for my mom's birthday. Go to the Paintings area to see it.

New Addition (8 Nov 2005):

I have finally completed my Third Painting. Go to the Paintings area to see it.

Please bear with me as I update my site. If you have any comments or suggestions please use the guestbook to pass them on.